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  • Mar 09, 2013

Digital Video Colposcope

It is used for the examine cervix area under vision  in Gynaecology. High magnification with clear view helps to recognize abnormalities on the Cervix, OS and Cervical mucus membrane, easily and reliably.

Advance Reporting Software System technology , examine  the abnormal image on report.



  •  Advance and fast auto focus technology 
  •  Corner to corner uniform brightness
  •  Display of genuine tissue colour& tone
  •  Multiple mode of Electronic Green Filter
  •  Real time display of magnification up to 52X
  •  Durable lamp life of over 50000 hrs
  •  Imaging module of SONY digital CCD inside
  •  Integrated image management software
  •  Latest SWED Score & RCI Evaluation technology
  •  Software has Inbuilt 300 reference Images
  •  Inbuilt Acetic acid Timer
  •  Maintenance free cold light source