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  • Mar 09, 2013


We introduce the most versatile Electro Surgical Unit – Smart4 Plus generator in the form of SMART4 Plus. As compared to a single generator, it offers some exceptional features and excellent performance in microsurgery, neurosurgery, laparoscopy and other surgeries. It features a unique spray coagulation mechanism integrated into it that ensures minimum cutting effect. In this equipment, isolated bipolar output has nonsparking characteristic and pure cut starts automatically even in irrigated surgical procedures.
Features :
Minimum cutting effect
Spray coagulation
Automatically stops energy delivery as soon as the seal cycle is complete
Feedback-controlled response system
Provides good hemostasis effect
Cut :
Pure cut – It produces a high-frequency alternating current for smooth, rapid cuts with little or no hemostasis
Blend 1 – This mode offers varying degrees of hemostasis to surgeon in cut mode
Blend 2 – The mode helps in vaporization of prostatic tissue or any fat tissue. The high wattage output offers fast cutting of tissues
Endo cut – The automatic cut system is used for the reduction in complication rate of endoscopic sphincterotomy (EST) and serum hyperamylasemia after EST in comparison with the conventional blended cut mode.
Coag :
Spray : The mode supports direct coagulation at tissue with spark. The CREST FACTOR is high thus not giving any cutting effect to the tissue.
Force : The Force mode covers the demands of standard coagulation by producing fine waveform that creates superficial resistance in the tissue resulting in superior coagulation, where the tissue destroyed by hyper evaporation. This enable surgeons for the removal of surface structures without damaging deep or peripheral tissues and to cauterize large surface areas quickly when required.
Fulgurate : It raises the voltage to produce a spark between electrodes for the coagulation of tissue. There is no contact between tissue and electrode.
Desiccate : This Coagulation in which electrode is in direct contact with the tissue is referred to as desiccation and is the type of coagulation used in most surgeries. It ensures pinpoint desiccation with less destruction of peripheral tissue
Bipolar feature : Coagulation without charring, adhesion and blanching of adjacent tissues
Bipolar :
Micro : High Voltage force coagulation for special purpose when speed is required.
Macro : For highly precise control over coagulation process and privations of carbonization.
Cut : This Bipolar CUT technology nearly eliminate excessive current, even during precision cutting in minute SAFETY FEATURES tissue structure.
Auto : Coagulation start by pressing the footswitch and stops output and audio signal automatically when the tissue is coagulated.
Specifications :
Program mode : 99 User settable program mode
Frequency : 480khz
Display : 7segment LED
Weight : 7.5Kg (approx)
Dimension : 410mm(L) x 355mm(W) x 155mm(H)
Voltage : Input Supply Voltage 230V (+ / – 15%) 50Hz
Applications :
Plastic & reconstructive surgery