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  • Mar 09, 2013

Hysteroscope 2.9 mm

HYSTEROSCOPE The primary purpose of hysteroscopy is to evaluate patients with abnormal uterine bleeding resistant to medical management or to perform a panoramic visualization of the uterine cavity. In addition, our hysteroscope offers image clarity and durable rigid hysteroscopy equipment to provide a comprehensive solution for gynecologic procedures.


  •  Working channel of 5 Fr allows the use of semi operating instruments
  •  Control of inflow/outflow mechanism of saline for clear visualization
  •  No need of blind insertion of instruments in uterine cavity
  •  Atraumatic and sight controlled insertion of Hysteroscope
  •  In 2.9 mm size easy insertion no Cervix dilation
  •  Direct insertion no use of portio tenaculum
  •  30 degree wide angle for optimum view
  •  Brilliant imaging with HD vision